Doyle Roof Masters Offers Tips to Prevent Leaks


Schedule Maintenance Now Before the Rain Begins

According to the National Weather Service May was wetter than average and the early Monsoon and El Niño forecasts are for continued above average precipitation. In other words, if your roof needs maintenance or has a leak, the time to schedule an appointment is now, before the daily heavy afternoon rains.

“We all love what the recent rain is doing for our gardens, lawns and beautiful landscapes. But we are acutely aware of how wet weather can quickly turn into a headache for home and business owners if it leads to roof issues and leaks,” said Jim Doyle, President of Roof Masters. “To ensure that you can celebrate the rain, instead of worrying about your home or business, there are some important steps you can take to put your mind at ease.”

To avoid frustration and damages, Doyle offers these tips:

Inspect and Repair. Every season offers challenges to your roof. Don’t wait until it storms to get your roof checked. You can avoid the majority of problems like these by having your roof checked and maintained regularly.

Make sure gutters, drains and canales are free of debris. Otherwise, in a heavy downpour, water will not drain properly, causing the water to back up on your roof. This could result in leaks, even with sealants intact.

Keep an eye on your roof. It could be holding water after a rain. Don’t be alarmed at a small amount. It’s normal for your roof to hold small amounts of water, and these small amounts won’t harm your roof. However, if you notice a large amount of standing water, or if it is there longer than 48 hours, seek advice from a licensed roofing contractor.

Regularly check the sealants on your roof for cracks, as cracks can result in leaks. Sealants can crack at any time, depending on weather conditions, so regular inspections are recommended. It is important to keep your roof free of debris. If you are not able to check your own roof, ask a licensed roofing contractor to conduct an inspection. Doyle Roof Masters offers free annual inspections for customers.

Fix any leaks as soon as you see them. Leaks do not go away. If not addressed quickly and properly, a leak—even a small one—can result in costly interior damage. If you notice a leak, contact a roofing professional to fix the problem in a timely manner.

If your leak is coming through a light fixture or ceiling fan, do NOT use the light until you have the roof sealed and the socket dried out. Follow this same practice for leaks on a wall near an electrical outlet.

“We recommend all home and business owners conduct regular maintenance on their roofs,” added Doyle. “Maintenance is much more affordable than replacing a roof, and with proper care, leaks can be avoided. However, in the event a leak does occur, it’s always best to contact a roofing professional quickly.”

For those experiencing a roof leak, to schedule a free inspection, or for answers on questions regarding regular maintenance to keep a house safe and dry no matter the weather, visit or call (505) 242-9447.

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