Types of Roofs: Pros and Cons

What makes New Mexico roofs different?

Roofs in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico are subject to special conditions. The intense sunlight and dry desert climate require special consideration when selecting a roof. Certain roofing materials are just not practical and require excessive care—wooden shingles are an example.

The tar and gravel of the flat roofs found throughout New Mexico are very resistant to heat and sunlight. The high quality asphalt shingles we use are another good option. We are preferred installers for Owens Corning® asphalt shingles which have a limited lifetime warranty.

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Type of Roof


Other Things to Know

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

This solution is less expensive than metal or tile roofs. They come in a variety of colors. Manufacturers now offer limited lifetime warranties on several shingle styles.

You may want to consider our newer product offerings: Owens Corning Oakridge and Duration series, which have 110 to 130 MPH wind ratings.

Asphalt shingles can be susceptible to hail damage. They can also sustain wind damage in high winds. Especially when the material is older.

TPO (Thermal Polyolefin membrane roofing)

TPO Roof

This is the only flat roof material that has a manufacturer warranty. 60 mil. thick membrane is durable and has good reflective qualities.

No gravel or odors to deal with during installation.

Saves money on maintenance over the life of the roof because flashings are the same as the roof material.

Comes in white, tan, grey and specialty colors.

This product may cost more initially to install. Ponding water affects the longevity of the membrane so it must have a slope to provide adequate drainage.

Metal roofs


This product is ideal for areas with high winds and heavy snows or for anyone looking for a beautiful and durable roof.   Requires little maintenance. Penetrations and screws should be checked periodically. How often will depend on your weather conditions.

Metal roofs typically cost 2-3 times more than a shingle roof.

Built up fiberglass
(tar and gravel)


This type of roof is less expensive than the newer membrane and thermoplastic type roofs. It holds up under ponding water better. Hail doesn’t damage it.

The initial application has a strong odor. The gravel can wash off the roof in heavy rains. We don’t install it on 2 story or homes with difficult access. It is not installed when temperatures are above 80 degrees.



This type of roof is beautiful and classic. The tile, if well made, are very long lasting.

Tile can break. Care must be taken when walking on the roof. The material underneath is the waterproofing. It lasts between 20-30 years. Replacement is very expensive. Tile is heavy and can only be installed on roofs that can accommodate the weight.

Single ply modified

Single ply membrane roofing

This roof is ideal in applications where water drains quickly.

Ponding water will cause this type of material to decompose and shorten the economic life considerably.

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